Our 2019-2020 Officers

Molly Klein

Molly is a senior studying Family, Youth, and Community Sciences and she is from Alexandria, VA. Molly joined the club freshman year but became involved after she participated in Collegiate Challenge, and she loves knowing more about power tools than any of her brothers. Molly loves anything that has to do with sports (but soccer is the best), playing guitar, late night Krispy Kreme runs, and her two geckos.

Alexa Lacy
Vice President of Administration
Alexa is a Senior majoring in Microbiology and Cell Science, minoring in Business Administration, and pursuing a career in the medical field. She started volunteering with Habitat at the beginning of Fall 2017, and has absolutely loved every experience with it — especially the builds, Collegiate Challenge, and all the wonderful people met along the way! She loves drinking coffee (probably too much) and outdoor activities such as spending time at the beach (she is from Merritt Island, FL), running, hiking, and scuba diving with her three brothers (she is a triplet). Alexa is looking forward to a great and impactful year of Habitat, and is excited to meet and get to know members!

Charlie Rash
Vice President of Builds

Charlie is a senior biochemistry major from Weston, FL, and has been heavily involved with Habitat for the last year. Charlie has always enjoyed building things and working with his hands, which led to him being a part of the State Champion Robotics Team for all four years of high school. Charlie has greatly enjoyed his time in Habitat, getting to meet amazing people, make amazing friends, and have an absolute blast at all of the builds.

Connor McCarthy

Connor is a fourth year Chemical Engineering Student and is from Hollywood, Florida. He first got involved in building when he was fourteen when he build his own skateboard ramps. In college, Connor knew that he wanted to be a part of the Habitat for Humanity team, and finally joined in his Junior year (a very good decision). He enjoys the able to help families in Alachua County, learn about building homes, which he plans to apply later in his life, and volunteer with a variety of people having different backgrounds and experiences. Aside from Habitat, his other interests are outdoors activities, coding, skateboarding, and artwork.

John Chen

John is a junior from Jacksonville majoring in Nutritional Science, minoring in health disparities in society and is pursuing a career in the medical field. He started getting involved with habitat his freshman year after an amazing experience on a collegiate challenge trip. John’s interests outside of habitat are running, drinking coffee and traveling.

Nate Griesdorf
Collegiate Challenge Chair
Nate is a sophomore year construction management major. He is someone who seeks love and gratification from working towards his goals. He finds working hard to beat the deadline of a term paper and making conscious decisions to direct the course of his day allows him to use his mind more than any instantly gratifying activity. People often say he is quiet, compassionate, and skilled at facilitating peace between others. He is especially drawn to working with others to accomplish the construction of affordable housing.
Jordan Morrissette
Event Coordinator

Jordan is a third year Construction Management major. He joined the club in his sophomore year, but as soon as he met the amazing Habitat for Humanity community, he dove in head first. The ability to meet great people while aiding those in need, and to participate in something that will prepare him for his career meant that Habitat for Humanity was a perfect fit for him. Some of his favorite hobbies include giving dogs belly rubs until their back legs shake and going to Gator sports events (especially if a free shirt is included).

Haley Skinner
Social Chair & Fundraising Chair

Haley is a forth year civil engineering major, from the sunny beaches of Stuart Florida. For those of you who likely have no idea where that is, it is just north of Jupiter. She has been involved with Habitat for Humanity since middle school, and taking the opportunity to join the UF chapter in college has been one of her greatest experiences! Her other hobbies include working on cars, fishing, surfing, boating, and, of course, sports. Habitat has taught her the value of a home and what it can do for a family, as it has given her life long skills in handy work that have allowed her to become a more confident engineer.

Shannon Hurley
Social Chair

Shannon is a second year Microbiology and Cell Science Major, minoring in Art History from Miami, Florida. She joined Habitat at the beginning of her first year and she considers it to be one of the best decisions she’s made in college. Shannon has loved getting to know people from different majors and backgrounds that she never would’ve encountered outside of the club and she hopes to help others have the same experience as Social Chair. When she’s not studying or building houses, Shannon enjoys drawing, watching hockey, and spending time with her dog, Bucky.

Olivia Eastman
Public Relations Chair

Olivia is a fifth-year Civil Engineering major, with a minor in Studio Art. She’s from St. Augustine, FL, and has been involved with Habitat throughout high school, but joined the UF Chapter in the beginning of her second year of college and never looked back! She’s an artist at heart, and really likes to work with her hands: illustration, sculpting, mold-making, sewing, and costume prop-making are some of her favorite hobbies.  Building houses with Habitat involves a lot of creative and physical work aspects, so it goes hand-in-hand with her major and hobby interests. If you’ve taken a single look on any of her social media accounts you’ll know how much she loves showing off her pet lizards! 🦎

Emily Ryan
Web Developer
Emily is a sophomore majoring in Architecture, with a minor in Spanish. She is from Tampa, Florida. She joined the club last fall because she is very passionate about designing and the process of creating buildings and wanted to give back to the community in a way that channels this passion! She is really excited to be an officer this year. Habitat has given her some great real-world experience with building homes, and shown her the impact a great house can have on a family. In her free time, she loves going to concerts, drawing, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends.

Michelle Giles
Graduate Representative
Michelle is a second year master’s student studying Political Science. She started in habitat during her undergraduate years and when she began her graduate program she was eager to start back up with the club. Michelle was drawn to Habitat, because she was always looking for ways that she could give back to the community that she has been a part of for 6 years and counting. When she saw how hard working and down to earth the members of the club are, she knew she had found the right place for her. When she is not attending a habitat event or a build, Michelle is most likely binge watching a new tv show or spending too much money on food.

Thomas Stempniak
Undergraduate Representative

Thomas is a second year Finance Major and Army ROTC Cadet. He dabbled with builds during the Fall 2018 Semester but did not truly become involved with the club until the Spring 2019 Semester. He enjoys Habitat for Humanity because it is a great organization to learn useful life skills such as communicating with others, working as a team, and of course the physical applications of building homes for those in need! Other than Habitat for Humanity, Thomas enjoys playing soccer, going on spontaneous adventures, and hammocking.

Francesca Molfino
Undergraduate Representative

Eric Lastres
Undergraduate Representative