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Our 2022-2023 Officers

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Leanne Rosenbusch
Leanne is a fourth-year biology and APK major from Boca Raton, FL. She joined habitat her freshman year after learning of the great impact the organization has on the families involved and wanting to help. She loves seeing the progression of the houses on the builds and getting to know the great people in the club. Leanne’s interests include traveling, playing sports, surfing, spending time with her dog, and watching old Friends episodes.
Matthew Diaz
Vice President of Administration
Matthew is a third year student majoring in Sustainability and the Built Environment. He joined Habitat for Humanity for the hands-on construction experience, the opportunity to meet new people, and to support a great cause. Last year, he served as one of the undergraduate representatives and quickly found his place within a group of great people. In his free time, Matthew is an avid weightlifter and outdoorsmen.
Ben Ofri
Vice President of Builds

Ben is a second-year biology major with a minor in nutritional sciences. He joined habitat for humanity because of its cause as he finds helping families build places that they can later call homes to be the most impactful thing he can do for his community. As for interests, Ben enjoys lifting weights, playing soccer, and fixing things. He looks forward to a meaningful year helping families with UF Habitat.

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Ava Rambo

Ava is a junior business major specializing in Sports Management. She is from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and joined Habitat at the beginning of her sophomore year. She was introduced to Habitat by a friend and fell in love with the people and the cause and never looked back. She loves to meet the special people who receive the house they are working on and see how much work can get done when so many passionate people come together. In her free time, Ava likes to cook, read, play sports, and hang out with friends and family. 

Chloe Venter
Chloe Venter is a 3rd-year microbiology and cell sciences major. Her passions include Habitat for Humanity, weight lifting, and patient care (especially in the geriatric community). She is super excited to meet new members and be reunited with those from previous years.
Austin Anderson
Collegiate Challenge Chair

Austin is a junior from Navarre, FL majoring in Civil engineering, specifically interested in sewer systems. In his free time, he goes to the gym, plays intramurals, and camping. Austin enjoys Habitat for the builds and is an active participant in the intramural teams. 

Jordyn Chiodo
Event Coordinator

Jordyn is a third-year student from Sarasota, FL majoring in public relations. She joined UF Habitat for Humanity as a fun way to reduce the stress of classes that also helps her community and its members at the same time. As the event coordinator, she hopes to spread the vision and mission of Habitat for Humanity through community engagement events. In her free time, Jordyn enjoys photography and exploring nature parks.

Ryan Mulhall
Fundraising Chair

Ryan is a third-year biology major from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He was introduced to habitat by a friend and loved the builds and the cause. Ryan enjoys lifting weights, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Adelle Mitchell
Social Chair
Adelle is a fourth-year studying Interior Design. She joined Habitat for the hands-on volunteer work and community. Her favorite parts of Habitat are the builds and social events. Her favorite hobbies are SCUBA diving and boating/fishing. You can often find her DIYing, thrifting, hanging out with friends, or lifting in the gym. 

Aaron Fintz
Public Relations Chair
Aaron Fintz is a second year Business Administration student. He joined Habitat to give back to his community. He enjoys lifting, basketball and cooking on his free time. He is also involved in JSU, HLC, and works at a Hebrew School. 
Brian Pires
Web Developer
Brian Pires is a second-year computer science major looking to minor in business administration. He joined habitat for humanity for the sole purpose of acquiring the most hands on volunteering work available at the University of Florida. On his free time he enjoys playing guitar, taking walks at paynes, and thrifting.

Rachel Deal
Undergraduate Ambassador

Rachel is a sophomore and a construction management major minoring in business administration. She enjoys building residential homes and works for Coastline Construction during the summer to build homes. She is on the competitive cheer team at UF which takes up most of her time. In her free time, she like to go to the beach, surf, go boating, line dance, and coach cheer.

Diego Santos Gonzalez
Undergraduate Ambassador

Diego is a first-year computer science major. He joined Habitat for Humanity because of his sister and immediately fell in love with the mission and its impact on the local community. In his free time, Diego enjoys Olympic weightlifting and cooking.

Vishnu Malhotra
Undergraduate Ambassador

Hey! My name is Vishnu, I’m from Tampa, FL and I’m a first-year Economics major on the pre-law track. I’m heavily involved in the policy and advocacy side of housing through my work with YIMBY Action, a group that fights for the creation of more housing to alleviate the market shortage. I joined Habitat because I’ve found it to be a tangible way I can directly add to our depleted housing stock, and after attending a few builds, I’ve really fell in love with H4H.

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